WHY a Bed Skirt?

If your bed is a work of art, then the BED SKIRT is its pedestal upon which it sits.

OK, so why a bed skirt?  The practical side is that bed skirts were designed to hide the bed's box spring or foundation, and the other benefit is that it allows us to use the space under the bed for storage. 

By purchasing bed risers that come in 4" and 6" that allow you to raise the bed so one does have that additional storage for those sweater boxes, or if you're like me I have my table leafs under my bed.  
These risers also allow you to decorate your bed to command attention, saying "Look at Me".  If you have a large master bedroom and your bed is just another piece of furniture and seems to get lost... Get those bed risers and raise that bed and then finish the look with a bed skirt.   I started The Trendy Bed because I was looking for a BLACK, tailored, 19" inch drop, Full bed skirt for my son's college apartment and couldn't find one.  Got on the Internet and Googled "Black Bed Skirt" and everyone wanted to sell me the whole bed set!  I could not find what I wanted, so I thought if I was having this challenge... I couldn't be alone! 
So the birth of The Trendy Bed became my reality my 2008. 

At The Trendy Bed you can just get a bed skirt; we have a large selection of Ready Made and Semi-custom, Made-to-Order Bed Skirts in Cotton, Cotton Blend, Denim, Eyelet, Satin and Flannel.   All made to order bed skirts can be ordered with a 9" drop up to 21", and special orders are also available up to 26" drop. They can be ordered in the Ruffled style or the clean line tailored style, with or without kick pleats and with or without split corners to accommodate bed frames.

We also have  "VELCRO" attachment bed skirts instead of the platform option in our 100% Cotton-Beyond Bliss by Bedroom Creations, our Cotton Blend-Pure Bliss by Bedroom Creations, and our Bridal Satin by Bedroom Creations for those that want the detachable bed skirt option.

At The Trendy Bed we also understand that not everyone needs made to order bedding so we have a large selection of Ready Made Bed Skirts in 100% Egyptian Cotton, and the beautiful cotton and linen bed skirts by Taylor Linens.  

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