What really is a Bedspread?  

Bedspreads are a timeless and simple classic covering for the top of your bed.  Bedspreads are not forgotten; us baby boomers are remembering our Grandparents and Parents decor and we find ourselves going back to those simplistic styles with fond memories.  My grandparents had this beautiful bedspread and I was so pleased to see it today being produced by Maine Heritage Weavers (Original Bates designs).  

Matelassé Woven

  • Woven with the finest quality yarns on traditional Jacquard looms; our matelasse collection is and has been woven in Lewiston, Maine for over 60 years. An elegant bedspread collection to adorn any bedroom with the quality of a cherished heirloom. 
  • Abigail Adams, Cape Cod, Colonial Rose, Hampton Roads, Heritage, Queen Elizabeth and Tuscany

Terry Collection

  • Terry Loop, Popcorn Chenille, Candlewick ... all terms to describe the weave used to create bedding reminiscent of years past. Your grandmother probably received a Martha (or George) Washington's Choice Bedspread when she married . . . she may still have it. We still weave this popular design as well as other terry's on looms similar to the ones Bates used years ago.
  • Martha Washington's Choice, John Adams, and New England Tradition

Being raised back on the East Coast It was a MUST for The Trendy Bed to carry the Historic Charleston Collection of the King Charles bedspreads by Ellery Homestyles, these beautiful bedspreads and Coverlets come in eight different colors.  Brand details:  Luxurious Softness, Produced in Portugal; highest quality workmanship, 100% Cotton, stone washed, Elegant and Sophisticated design.

King Charles 8 Colors
King Charles matelassé bedding offers a luxuriously soft bedspread, coverlet, bed skirt, shams and decorative accent pillows. Each individual piece is constructed on a special weaving loom to create the luxurious design. Highs and lows created during the jacquard weaving process allow the motifs and surrounding designs to come to life. Intricate details including rolling arches, half-moons, double diamonds and scrolling vines come together to create this beautiful collection.

Bedspreads cover the entire bed by hanging all the way to the floor and fold over your pillows. Standard size beds have a drop of 21",   if you have a higher bed you may need a bed skirt to complete your bed and give you that Trendy Bed Look. 

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