1. The Trendy Bed has the perfect bedding sets for you! We offer a wide range of options that will complement any bedroom décor, from colorful comforters to luxurious silky sheet sets and warm, cozy quilts. No matter they style you are going for, The Trendy Bed can help you create the relaxing oasis of your dreams!

    Looking for bedding can be a very tiresome job; What size do I need? What type of bedding do I want?  What colors do I want? etc...  

    In trying to make this less stressful have an idea of what you need first (size) and then what you want!  What type of bedding you are looking for, and then have an idea of the color sceme you wish to go with.  (Wall color, carpet color, accents)

    Do You Offer Other Types of Bedding?
    The Trendy Bed is proud to offer many different types of bedding options including:

    With The Trendy Bed you can make your bedroom a luxurious retreat, right at home! With so many styles and colors in our blanket, quilt and comforter collections, you are sure to find something that perfectly matches your style.  Are you looking for designer bedding?  We have bedding my Hampton Hill, Harbor House, Woolrich, Madson Park, Taylor Linens, Echo, Victor Mill, JLA Homes, Artoloty, and more.

    What Size Bedding Do I Need?
    The size of bedding that you need depends on the size of your bed. Standard American bedding sizes are as follows:

    • Twin - Twin size beds are generally used to accommodate one child or one adult sleeper and typically measures 39'' x 75''.
    • Twin XL -  Extra Long twin is usually found in dorm rooms and again gives the adult more length and typically measures 39" x 80"
    • Full - Full size beds, also known as a double or standard, can sleep two adults, though only allows each sleeper 27” of sleep space at 54'' x 75''.   Most people who have a sleeping partner typically opt for the larger queen size.
    • Queen - Queen size beds are the most popular size because they are ideal for two adults who do not have room for a king size bed. The typical queen bed measures 60'' x 80''.
    • King – A King sized bed typically measures 78” x 80”. King size beds are a great option if each sleeping partner prefers their own space, or they have children or pets who like to share the bed.
    • California King – A King size bed but it’s more designed for the taller person, the Cal King is 72” x 84” giving more in the length and less in the width.  Today’s comforters are made to fit both sizes but it they come with sheets or bed skirt make sure to order the correct size.

    Be sure to measure and buy the right sized bedding for your specific bed.

    Are There Different Bedding Styles?
    Bedding is not just about helping you be comfortable and sleep well. It is also about matching your style. With the large selection at The Trendy Bed, you are sure to find something that will work perfectly for every bed in your home.

    Our wide range of bedding is available in different styles like:

    • Nursery Bedding - Decorating the nursery is an important part of preparing for the arrival of your baby. With the selection of bedding options at The Trendy Bed you can create a unique look by mixing and matching crib blankets, sheets, pillows and more. If you do not want to mix and match, simply choose from one of our many complete sets. This greatly simplifies the decorating process.
    • Bedding for Children– Children need a fun and personal place to call their very own. For most children, this is their bedroom. Even if your children share a bedroom, you can allow them to express their own personal tastes and styles by choosing bedding they love. With The Trendy Bed’s large selection of bedding for children, you can make your child’s room a personal space with their favorite patterns, characters and colors. From princesses and butterflies to pirates and dinosaurs, your child’s room can become an extension of their personal interests.
    • Teen Bedding – Teens are intent on expressing themselves. Allowing them to choose their own bedding is a perfect way to help them do this within their own personal space. Whether you have a sports fan or diva princess, you can find something for your independent teen at The Trendy Beds.
    • Bedding for Adults – Along with offering fun bedding geared towards children and teens, The Trendy Beds is happy to offer a range of bedding options for adults. From luxury bedding to bright and colorful duvets, The Trendy Beds has something for you. You can mix and match sheets and comforters or choose a bedding set. No matter what you choose, your bedroom will perfectly reflect your personality.

    At The Trendy Bed, shopping for bedding sets online can be fun and simple!
  2. Another new great collection by Waverly at The Trendy Bed...
    Paisley Pazzazz 4 Piece Comforter set, comes in Queen and King.
    Waverly goes Paisley at The Trendy Bed

    Each set comes with Comforter, Pillow Shams, and tailored Bed Skirt (15" Drop)
    BUT look at all these coordinating accessories...
    3 different decorative pillows
    Euro Shams
    Valance that is 79x18"
    Panels that are 50x84 each, sold as a pair for 100"x84"

    Hope you enjoy this collection as much as I do!

    The Trendy Bed...
  3. At The Trendy Bed we say, need something custom?  Can't find what you need?

    Today's blog is to help my customers find 100% Cotton Custom Bed Sheets?

    At The Trendy Bed we have two manufacturers that make our cotton custom sheets, Bedroom Creations and Mayfield Manufacturing.

    Beyond Bliss T300
    Beyond Bliss by Bedroom Creations - 100% combed cotton, 300 thread count.  If you are looking for quality bedding, this is it.  I personally have these sheets and LOVE them...  The top sheet and pillow cases are trimmed in white satin piping for a elegant look.   The Trendy Bed.com has 38 different sizes... from toddler, hospital twin, split queen, olympic queen, king, duel king, Cal-king, and more.   And if none of those are what you want,  we can have any size you want...  

    • Sheet Sewn together at the foot?
    • Flat Sheet (Top Sheet) fitted at the foot?
    • Substitue pillow case size?
    • Need deep pocket?
    • Ordered in complete set (4 piece - 3 piece twin)
    • Ordered all pieces seperate for mix sizes (queen fitted, but king top sheet)
    • 9 Different colors to choose from.
    Beyond Bliss Ruffled T300 Custom Sheets by Bedroom Creations
    Beyond Bliss "Ruffled" T300 custom cotton sheet set, made with the same 100% combed cotton material but made with a 3" ruffle around top sheet and pillow cases for a complete different trendy bed look!  The picture above has the ruffled sheets, ruffled standard size pillow shams, and ruffled euro pillow shams.

    "Made to Order" Custom 100% Egyptian Prima Cotton bedding.  This product is super soft being the prima Egyptian cotton. 
    These are beautiful sheets for those that do not like the white satin piping, just like a good quality sheet in a solid color.

    • Flat Sheet (Top Sheet) fitted at the foot?
    • Need deep pocket?
    • Ordered in complete set (4 piece - 3 piece twin)
    • Ordered all pieces seperate for mix sizes (queen fitted, but king top sheet)
    • 9 Different colors to choose from.
    And the GREAT thing about all this is you can also order matching comforter, shams, bed skirt, and matching window treatment for a complete trendy custom bedding look.

    Please call us if you have any questions on any of the products offered at The Trendy Bed.

  4. Custom Bedding, what does is really mean?

    At The Trendy Bed we say "Making is your way, your style, your choice...."

    We have two manufacturers that make custom bedding, what can you get when we say custom?
    • Custom Size Comforters: Yes, give us the size you need and we'll get you a quote.
    • Custom Size Sheet Sets:  Queen flat sheet, King top sheet, and King Pillow Cases...
    • 2-Tone Comforter sets (red on side 1, blue on side 2) for a complete custom, unique look.
    • Cotton Blend 2-Tone Comforter Custom Made
    • 2 Tone Custom Velvet and Bridal Satin Comforters (Velvet on side 1, Bridal Satin on Side 2)
    • Custom Velvet Comforter's and Sets
    • Custom Bed Skirts in Cotton, Cotton Blend, Velvet, Eyelet, Flannel, & Bridal Satin
    • Sheet Sets:  Get you top sheet fitted...  Tired of making and remaking your bed every day?  With the top sheet fitted at the bottom the corners are made for you with elastic fitted all the way across the bottom (yes, you can still get your feet out on those hot nights) but it helps to keep your bed made, in the morning just straighen it out, pull it up a little and DONE!   I personally use this on all my bed, perfect for RV bed's too... 
    • Custom Drop Bed Skirts:  You have the option on Drop, Style (ruffled, tailored, tailored with kick pleats)  With or without split corners to accomidate foot boards or not...  We have made them 9" Drop and up to 27" Drop for an antique bed.
    • Pillow Shams:  Do you want them ruffled, or flanged...  Zipper closure or standard envelope style.
    • Cap Comforters:  These are perfect for bunk beds or platform beds, Mayfield Manufacturing can make them with 8", 10", or 12" deep cap.
    • Cap Comforters - Bunk Bed Comforters at The Trendy Bed
    • Canopy Bed's:  Custom Tops for your antique bed.

    I hope this helps in letting you know what is meant by custom bedding here at The Trendy Bed.  And is ever you can't find what you are looking for please give us a call and we'll try to help you.

    Thank You,
    The Trendy Bed Logo
  5. College is right around the corner and those dorm rooms are looking better and better each year.   The textile industry and designers are stepping up and designing some fantastic comforter sets for this years college bound young adults.   At The Trendy Bed we try to keep up with the times and the new designs entering the market.

    Here are some of the new dorm collection for 2014-2015...

    Allison Comforter set by Mizone

    Allison by Mizone, this collection will surly brighten up your day and your room with it's yellow flowers with the dark gray and black accents.  It say Yes, I'm hip, I'm fun, and I'm classy too!     Set comes with Comforter, matching pillow Sham, and 1 decorative throw pillow.

    Florentine Comforter set by Mizone

    The new Florentine is a beautiful mix of White, Black, and Teal in this stricking modern look.  This solid white comforter with the black motif running up the center, paired with the teal flange around all the edges of comforer and matching pillow shams.  This collection is sure to get noticed and say's, Yes!  I have STYLE! 

    Libra Teal Comforter set by Mizone

    A very popular collection and style this year is the chevron design.  This collection comes in the Teal (which is very hot this year) or the bright pink and white (which is also very in!)   This collection comes in Twin/XL Twin for that perfect dorm bed and also Full/Queen for that college appartment that allows for a little bigger bed.

    Tamil Comforter Set by Mizone 

    Are you a Paisley lover?  If so this is perfect for your dorm room... Say,  Yes's I'm a free loving, fun girl but I do have taste!
    Tamil is a refreshing contemporary paisley pattern with an eclectic mix of colorful florals and medallions. 

    For the young men we also have some great collections that say, Yes I'm a male but I can have some style also! 

    Elliot Plaid comforter set by Mizone

    You can never go wrong with a little Plaid.  This beautiful collection of light and dark blue with hint of red stripes give a little splash of color without over powering the pattern.  It say's, I have a purpose for being here... Let's bring it on!   I can be serious when I need to be, but let's have a great experience!  

    Please check out the other dorm collections we have here at The Trendy Bed for your shopping covenience.

    Have a great day!
  6. Best of 2014 - Customer Service - Corona, CA

    The Trendy Bed did it again...  Best of Corona - Customer Serive - Small company.

    Thank you to all my customers and suppliers, I couldn't do this alone.

  7. Here at The Trendy Bed we carry linen products from Taylor Linens and Royal River Trading and we want them to last a lifetime.  We are posting on The Trendy Bed blog Care Instructions from Taylor Linens for your covenience. 

    Machine Washing Your Linens

    You should always pre-wash your new linens before sleeping in them. We recommend always washing your linens on a “cold” setting. While most all of our products are generously sized or preshrunk to prevent any issues with shrinking, washing items on the “hot” setting always puts linens at risk of further shrinking.

    Always separate light and dark colors. If washing zippered items, always be sure to check that the zipper is completely zipped, in order to prevent snagging. Do not wash your linens with bath towels. The polyester in towels may pill and shed on natural fibers, affecting the smoothness and softness of the fabric.

    Mild, non-alkaline detergents are the best option for washing your linens, as they do not contain bleach or whiteners, which can damage your linens. We recommend, and offer on our site, Le Blanc Linen Wash. And it is best not to use bleach, but when it is absolutely necessary, please use oxygen-based bleach which will not cause as much damage. We do not recommend fabric softeners or dryer sheets. These products contain wax that will build up on your linens. They may also irritate your skin.

    Drying Your Linens

    Taylor Linens prefers line drying over machine drying. Line drying prevents damage from heat that is hard to avoid in your machine. Or set the dryer for a cool-down session at the end. When washing quilts, go ahead and dry them in your machine for about 30 minutes, but hang them to dry the rest of the way. Never wring out items, as this causes the fibers to weaken. When you must dry something in the machine, we recommend drying linens on low heat. Extremely hot (or cold) temperatures shock the fibers and can decrease its life as well as cause shrinkage. DO NOT over-dry your linens. Try hanging them, or pressing them while still slightly damp. As always, remove your linens from the dryer promptly after the cycle has finished. This will minimize wrinkling. Always read the care label before placing anything in the dryer.

    Ironing Your Linens

    Most irons have a steam option – this is our favorite way to iron linens. It helps generate just the right levels of moisture to remove all of the wrinkles. Items with embroideries, or items that are of a dark color, should be ironed on the reverse side in order to protect the color and the delicate materials.

    Hand Washing Your Linens

    When an item calls for hand washing, please do not add it to your washing machine. These items often have special details, such as embroideries and buttons which will not fare well being tossed about. They need the tender loving care of your own hands. Please wash these items in a mild detergent, making sure to rinse them thoroughly and lay them flat to dry.

    Dry Cleaning Your Linens

    Professional dry cleaning is not necessary for most of our collections, however, if you must take our linens to a dry cleaner please find a “green” dry cleaner that does not use harsh chemicals that can damage your linens and our environment.

    Storing Your Linens

    Linens which you will be storing for a while should be wrapped in an old cotton pillowcase and kept in a cool dark space. Avoid storing your linens in cedar or plastic as this can cause yellowing.

    I hope these instruction help you in understanding the best care for your good linen products to preserve there luxury and your enjoyment.

    The Trendy Bed

  8. The Trendy Bed, Eastvale, CA
    Business Hours: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday-Friday
    December 2013
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    ENJOY 15% Discount!

    The Trendy Bed first would like to wish all my customers a Merry Christmas!

    For the balance of 2013 we will offer you a 15% Discount on everything on site except our new Gift Cards and items we already have on sale.

    Now is a GREAT time to get that bedding set you have been looking at!

    Discount code:  ENJOY15

    The Trendy Bed .com to get your 15% Discount

    The Trendy Bed now has GIFT CERTIFICATES!

    Now you can give a gift from The Trendy Bed to a family member or friend without the hassle of trying to find out what size bed they have, or what do they need.

    What better way to say "Merry Christmas", "Thank You", "I Love You", "Happy Birthday", "Happy Anniversary", or "Congratulations" with a personal gift certificate from The Trendy Bed.  

    Say you care enough to let them pick out what they truly want this year. 

    Gift Certificates will be good for 1 year from date of purchase.

    The Trendy Bed Gift Cards


    November 29th - December 2, 2013  

    30% off all Taylor Linens Products @ The Trendy Bed.com

    Taylor Linens and The Trendy Bed would like to help you get your home ready for the Holidays!

    Take advantage of this great special!    Discount code:  ENJOY30

    Duvet Covers by Taylor Linens at The Trendy Bed.com

    The Trendy Bed's Holiday Hours


    The Trendy Bed will be closed for the Holidays on Thursday November 28th, and on December 24, 25, and 26th.

    Your December 15% Discount code is ENJOY15

    Most of my suppliers will be closed from December 23 to January 6th due to the Holiday Rush.
  9. Thank You from The Trendy Bed

    The Trendy Bed would like to Thank All our Veterans by running a 15% Discount on all our Trendy Bedding.

    Our New Como Collections by True Timber at Victor Mills

    Conceal Brown

    They come as Comforter Sets like above, note the little Dog Bed, Bedspreads, Coverlets, and matching Window Treatment,

    Mixed Pine Bed Spread

    This is the Mixed Pine in the Bedspread style.

    Perfect collections for any home in the wilderness, hunting lodge, family cabins, lake homes, mountain retreats, or any Mountain Retreat, Bed and Breakfast that caters to the love of nature. 

    Hope you like our new True Timber Collections here at The Trendy Bed.

  10. The Trendy Bed, Eastvale, CA The Trendy Bed.com
    Business Hours: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday-Friday
    Trendy Information ....2

     ·  Two New Collections from Taylor Linens coming this Month..
     ·  Getting the Guest Bedroom Ready!
     ·  ADOPT A TURKEY FOR $30.00

    Two New Collections from Taylor Linens coming this Month..

    The Trendy Bed is sitting on pins and needles waiting for the new collections from Taylor Linens.
    Kennebunk Brick Stripe and Kennebunk Grey Stripe;  warm brick with charcoal gray and tan pinstripes, button closure. Comes in Twin, Queen, and King sizes.  Will offer matching Euro Shams, Pillowcases, and Boudoir pillow. This is beautiful collection to mix n match with the new Hudson Cream Matelasse (as in picture) or any one of the beautiful quilts by Taylor Linens. Their product lines are made to mix and match for a personal look all your own.

    Kennebunk Brick Stripe Duvet Cover and Shams - The Trendy Bed

    Getting the Guest Bedroom Ready!

    The Holidays are upon us with Thanksgiving right around the corner and guest from out of town will be arriving and we all like to make them feel welcome.

    When you're expecting guest for more than an overnight stay, it's always nice to make some room for them in a dresser drawer and a closet so they don't have to live out of their suitecase.

    Besides the guest room given comforts; Comfortable bed, Clean sheets, a good reading lamp, and a cozy chair, it's the little extras you provide that will make a visit to your home memorable for your guests.  

    Make them feel extra welcome by filling a basket or tray in their room with items they might need. (Tissue, Bottled Water, clock, wash cloth, new tooth brush, box of Q-tips, light snacks)

    The finishing touch, add a throw across the bed for color and to be used as a wrap for cool evennings.
                                                                    November 10% Discount code:  NOV1013

    The Trendy Home.com


    The cost of sponsoring----and sparing the life of - a turkey through the Farm Sanctuary's Adopt a Turkey project.The money pays for a year of food and housing at one of the nonprofit's three shelters.  Since 1986 the organization has saved 1,260 would be Thanksgiving entrees, most of them dropped off by authorities who seized the birds from factory farms quilty of cruetly or neglect.  You'll even get a photo of your new feathered freind.  1-888-SPONSOR

  11. Taylor Linens had a Fall Photo Contest and The Trendy Bed was NOT the winner, but we were a runner-up! 
    Here is their blog post and the beautiful bed's using Taylor Linens products.
    Hope you enjoy!

    Drum roll please!

    The winner of our fall photo contest is...

    Cindy S. from Ankeny, IA!


    Cindy submitted this beautiful picture of a barn red poster bed she dressed up in our Hampton and Linen Voile collections. It looks so inviting and relaxed – especially with the darling breakfast tray!

    Here’s to our runners – up! Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry. We thoroughly enjoyed all of the beautiful bedroom photos!

    Charleston Grey is really perfect for any season, but we loved it on this iron bed.

    P. Anderson- RI


    This room contains not one -- but two -- Laura Quilts!

    C. Campbell - Inland Empire, CA
    The Trendy Bed.com

  12. I was looking at my October's issue of "House Beautiful" and on page 6  I read, 

    "A home is not a museum.  There shouldn't be any surface on which people
    can't put their feet up--or set a drink dow
      Timoth Corrigan

    Well, I should have known a man said that...  Ha-Ha...

    But that made me think.... Do people feel comfortable in my home? 

    I sincerly hope so... but... I do find myself handing out coasters to protect my wood furniture...

    When I'm at someone ele's home I would sincerely hope I think about their furniture like I think about my own...

    Was I ever made to feel uncomfortable when a host handed me a coster?  Not in the least...   

    Do you put your feet up first before the host, or do you wait for permission?  Is it rude or lack of respect?

    Do you feel uncomfortable in someone else's home? 

    Do you make guest in your home feel uncomfortable? 

    I would like to see what other people think on this subject...

            Where you treat your
        Friends like family
    and your family like friends...
  13. Cupertino Comforter Set by Veratex at The Trendy Bed.com

    **NEW** bedding collection by Veratex "Cupertino"
    Decorate your bedroom with this elegant and sophisticated bedding collection featuring a large blue medallion design on a tan background with a touch of Gold.

    Luxuriously oversized and generously filled comforter set, I ordered this set and I'm going to tell you I was impressed.  Every now and then I order a selected collection to really see the quality of the workmanship, material, and overall appearance of the collect.  I was really impressed with this one.  I must Veratex is keeping their standard and quality above a lot of the suppliers of bedding these days.

    Currently availalbe in Full, Queen, King, and Calif King.

    Description of the Comforter Sets:
    Comforter (Full 86" x 90", Queen 94" x 96", King 110" x 96", Calif King 110" x 96")
    2 Pillow Shams
    Bedskirt in the Tailored Style - 18" Drop

    Additional Item currently available, we do not stock all of these but I do have the Boudoir Pillow and the 18" throw pillow. (as of the date of this blog)
    Drapery Panel, Pair (Rod Pocket)   84" x 50"
    Tailored Valance   18" x 88"
    Boudoir Pillow - Jumbo   14" x 20"
    Throw Pillow  18" x 18"

    Made of:  Face: Polyester, Back: 100 Cotton, Fill: 100% Polyester
    Cleaning:  Dry Clean only


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