Himalaya Summer Weight Goose Down Comforter by Downright

Himalaya Summer Weight Goose Down Comforter by Downright
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Featuring our finest 354 thread count, 100% cotton sateen cover and filled with a choice of selected 700 fill power white goose down.

This magnificent gem of a comforter is handcrafted with the finest raw materials to create a true heirloom that will last for generations.

Summer Weight: Ideal for the warm sleeper, warm climates or when the room temperature is above 70°F.

  • Available in 700 Fill Power Polish White Goose Down   
  • 354 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sateen
  • Finest European Shell
  • Baffled Box Construction
  • Guaranteed Hypoallertenic Down

All down is not the same. Down from larger, mature birds offer more insulating power and a better ability to loft. This means they will have a higher fill power. Fill power is measured by the amount of cubic inches that one ounce of down will fill once it expands.The higher the fill power, the better the quality and warmth. This means that a higher quality comforter will weigh less than a heavier, lower quality one; yet still provide more warmth, fluffiness, and lightweight comfort.

Downright offers 5 types of down with varying fill powers:

  • 560 Fill Power White Down
  • 600 Fill Power White Goose Down
  • 650 Fill Power Hungarian White Goose Down
  • 700 Fill Power Polish White Goose Down
  • 800 Fill Power Siberian White Goose Down
  • 920 Fill Power Canadian White Goose Down
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