What is a Coverlet you ask?    To Quilt it....or Coverlet it....?

A coverlet is a type of lightweight bedspread which may be woven or quilted.

Classically, coverlets are primarily decorative, and designed to cover layers of thicker bedding.  Or if you live in the warmer states or during the summer months a coverlet is the perfect top for a light, summer, and beautiful bed.

For your selection we have luxurious Egyptian cotton checkered quilted Coverlets with matching shams in seven different colors.

At The Trendy Bed we try to bring you the best selection in quality bedding.  Our coverlets include the Historic Charleston Collection with matching bed skirts, shams, and decorative pillow all in 8 beautiful Colonial colors. 

Lamont Homes brings us the Elegant Majestic Coverlet with matching Shams in four great colors,  and then we have the beautiful Matelasse Heritage and Candlewick/Terry Collection Martha's Choice Coverlet with matching pillow shams from Maine Heritage Weavers - Bates that have been around since 1850.

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