Why a Feather bed?  

If you are looking to take your sleeping experience to the next level, investing in a feather bed will take you there. 

Once a practical comfort, down featherbeds are now a true luxury item made from the finest materials.

The Trendy Bed gladly features featherbeds by Downright Ltd, and Royal River Trading due to their commitment to quality.

Trendy Information about choosing a Down Featherbed:

  1. Down featherbeds supplement your mattress.  These are also called down mattress topper - one in the same! Down feather beds are roughly four to six inches thick and are meant to be used on top of your standard mattress, giving your bed softness but also keeping the support of your mattress.
  2. Down featherbeds contain a lot of feathers.  Feathers add bulk to a down featherbed so that the fill doesn't completely compress when you lay down on it. While you can find some featherbeds that are made from 100% down, they usually are either very expensive or very thin. The Trendy Bed brings you featherbeds that are a combination of feathers and down.  We have 95% Feather/5% Goose Down, and we have 88% Feather/12% Goose Down for a very affordable, quality featherbed.
  3. Down featherbeds are very warm.  In the winter months sleeping on a down featherbed is very pleasant and warm.  If you live in a warm or humid climate, or if you often get hot at night a down featherbed may add too much warmth to your bed, especially if you are using a down comforter.
  4. Down featherbeds feature different types of construction.  Baffle-box construction is usually considered the best kind of featherbed construction.  The featherbed will look like a checkerboard;  baffle-box means that the bedding has been stitched in squares.  This construction prevents the fill from shifting around so you won't have to shake your featherbed every few days.

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