Welcome to Trendy Bed Sheets.

Here at The Trendy Bed we have tried to give you a good selection of bed sheets to choose from.  

Here is a short list of our products:

Bamboo Sheets - These are new to The Trendy Bed - made of 100% Viscose from Bamboo are exquisite, plush, and Elegant. 

Inseparable Sheet Set -  Are designed for beds that are against a wall and difficult to make, these come in 100% Cotton or our great Cotton Blend.

Egyptian Cotton Sheet Set - Complete sets from 300 thread count to 1500 thread count, and our Eco-friendly Bamboo and Egyptian cotton blend. 

Satin Sheet Set -  "Nights In White Satin".. Do I need to say more?  We have them in the Bridal Satin and our Luxurious Satin for you sleeping pleasure.

Cotton Sheets -   Here you can purchase your fitted or flat sheet separately to adjust to everyone's sleeping habits along with our new "Beyond Bliss" Luxurious Bedding Collection of 100% Combed Cotton Sateen.   Looking for fitted Top Sheets, we have them here at The Trendy Bed,   and don't forget to check out the full line of beautiful Percale Cotton Sheeting from Taylor Linens.

Cotton Blend Sheets - Here you can purchase your fitted or flat sheet separately and they match our great selection of comforters, bed skirts, shams, and duvet covers, all for that Trendy Bed look.

Easy Sheets - these are my new love!  The top sheet is fitted with a new patented design that I must say is very comfortable and I love the feel of their 500 Thread Count Sheets.   Check them out and watch the video.

Italian Linen - 100% Heirloom quality linen sheets from Italy.

Microfiber - New this summer is our 100% Double Brushed microfiber sheet sets from Bedroom Creations,  quality above the rest.

For those that need the extra Deep Pocket sheets we have them in 21" Deep to 25" Deep.

What is a Fitted Top Sheet?

Does your bed come apart every night?  Are you a restless sleeper (or your partner) and every morning you have to all but completely remake the bed?  I was there... At The Trendy Bed we can help you with this problem, get your TOP SHEET FITTED!  Yes, fitted just like your fitted sheet but just the bottom of the sheet, no more making square corners so your bed doesn't come apart anymore.

It has the elastic all along the bottom just like your bottom fitted sheet and it comes up the sides about 6 inches, just enough to make the pocket and keep the bed made; but you can still get your feet out for those hot nights!   These come highly recommended...
   (The ONLY sheets my family and friends use now)

We also have the new Easy Sheet set's from India, I have been very impressed with this design and the product.  The top sheet is also fitted with a new design that actually gives you room for feet when you lay on your back.  The sheets aren't tight that push your feet forward and cause muscel cramps.  I really like these new sheets.

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