What are Percale Sheets?

There are a great many terms and numbers involved in purchasing bed linens. Without the proper understanding of terminology, buying sheets really can be a shot in the dark. Frequently, sheets are listed as "Cotton Percale," but in reality, this is misleading. Percale sheets are actually available in varying materials and percale is not a type of cotton.

  • Percale sheets are a type of high quality bed linen in which the threads are woven in a very tight pattern.  They usually consist of two hundred or more threads per square inch.

  • Percale describes the woven quality of the sheets rather than the content.  So percale sheets might be one hundred person cotton, a blend of cotton and polyester, cotton and linen, or any other type of thread.

Other Characteristics:
  • Percale sheets can be in any color and are available in hundreds of patterns.


  • Percale sheets are actually a ceturies old tradition, beginning in India in the 17th and 18th centuries, and are now make all over the world


  • Since percale is a tighter, high quality weave than that of standard sheets, it is longer lasting, holds up better to washing, and is smoother and crisper to the touch.

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