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It is May, 2015 and my husband (Doug) and I (Cathy) just spent the long 3 day weekend, Memorial Day weekend making the first D&C Designs cedar wine tables,  we hope for your enjoyment for years to come!

It all started when I saw something "like this" on Pinterest and I asked my husband,  "Hon can you make this?"    I printed off a picture and within an hour he had our first prototype.   I knew my husband was handy but this blew me away!  I posted it on Facebook.... Look what my husband just did!   It had such a positive response and everyone said,  "I want one" - so that is how we started to make these wine tables. 

They are made out of Western Red Cedar, not pine like some of the others out on the market today.   No two will look exactly alike... Wood is almost like finger prints - no two are the same. They are not perfect, but close!  They are 100% handmade, finish hand sanded by yours truly.  Top folds down for easy storage and wine strap can be used to carry or you can use the wine bottle cut out to carry. 

What makes the D&C Designs tables different than the others on the market?  In this original design we use the strap to support the wine bottle,  displaying the wine bottle higher on the table, our table flips the opposite way using the strap for the carrying strap and leaving more usable space on table top.   D & C Designs cedar wine tables now come in the round  or square design.

The wine bottle is supported by an 1 1/2" nylon strap that is securely screwed into the under-bottom of the top.  Why the strap???  We wanted to make a table that could be used for Red and White Wine lovers both...  But the bottles are not the same diameter, white wine bottles are 1/2" larger so we needed to find something that could hold any size bottle secure and the strap can also double as a carrying strap, solving both issues;  we came up with this original design leaving more room on the table top for your cheese, crackers, and snacks.

This is the perfect table for an intimate picnic, concert in the park, outdoor wine and cheese parties, at the beach, sitting at the lake, camping, or just sitting in your back yard.  The top will hold two standard White or Red wine glass by inserting them into the hole via the cut-a-way.   The bottle hole is not large enough to hold some Champaign bottles but does hold a Sparkling Cider bottle. 

This is also the perfect little table that is low enough for your little ones to use in the back yard, just the right size for a cup and a PB&J sandwich on a nice summer day.

How to use it:   Flip up the table top and secure a little with the wing nut that is on the under side (just a little should be all is needed, if at all).  Insert the 7"  long metal galvanized conduit stake,  push down on the center of the table into the grass or sand until it is secure.  NOTE:  If the ground is too hard, please move table around to find a softer spot.   Remember to loosen the wing nut when you are done and flip the table down for easy storage.  Hang it on the back porch, put one in your trunk, and make sure every RV has one.

As of June 6, 2015 all tables will come with 2-3 coats of clear to help to protect the wood and brings out the color of the natural cedar, we felt this was needed to protect the wood and improve the look of the table.

You have been asking for a way to enjoy your D&C Cedar Wine Table on other types of surfaces (hard surface) and we are proud to announce we now have our very own D&C Designs cedar wine table metal stand so that now you can enjoy your table anywhere!  RV Parking lots, Pool Side, Decks, Patio's, and more.  Our newest design is actually adjustable for those uneven surfaces.

D&C Designs has added new products for our customers, you ask for more options other than wine and we are glad to say that our new Social Stool and Social Wine Table has been well received.  Our new Social stools and tables allow for "almost" and drink. (Cans, glass bottles, stemed glasses, dixie cups, plastic bottles and more.)  Same great design  but the cut out is 1/2" bigger and comes with a strap to support beer bottle, beer can, soda can, water bottle and it also has the cut out to slide in that stemed wine glass.

Please note:  D&C Designs has the right to change, update and improve our products without advance notice. 

You can also find our products at, Etsy, and on Amazon .

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