Single 12 Shot Glass Server Lazy Susan by D&C Desings

Single 12 Shot Glass Server Lazy Susan by D&C Desings
1.5" holes1.5 " holes1.5" holesDress it up with a Crystal Decanter and matching shot glasses..- 1.5" holes2" round holes2" Round holes - glasses fit unside down
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Our Lazy Susan Shot Server is the perfect accessory for any bar or must for those family gatherings or party.

Made out of Western Red Cedar and has 12 cork lined recesses for your shot glass collection with a 5"  cork circle for your bottle to sit on.   We have not updated our shot server to 1.5" recessed holes OR 2" recessed holes.  Check you shot glasses for that perfect fit.  Do you want up glasses UP or Down...

In the picture above I had a 5" glass ice bucket/shot glass icier and I placed that on the center cork and placed my bottle of tequila in it and set my shot glasses around my bucket. 

Our single tiered lazy Susan shot glass server is a perfect way to display that bottle of Patron or the drink of your choice.  Perfect accessory for any "Man Cave"!

Comes with 6" lazy Susan hardware on the bottom with felt counter protectors for easy serving.  
 Our shot servers are made to order so please allow 7-14 days for production.

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