Round Social Wine Table by D&C Designs

Round Social Wine Table by D&C Designs
Each cut out will hold a Wine Glass, Beer Can, Beer Bottle, Water Bottle, Soda Can, etc.Metal stand
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Our new D&C Round "Social" Wine Table -  He wants BEER and She wants WINE!  made from 100% Western Red Cedar.

Perfect accessory for concert in the park, outdoor movie in the park, around the campfire, family picnic, or just a quiet time in your backyard with your favorite bottle of wine or sparkling cider.  

Our round social wine table is approximately 11 1/2" round with 2 cut outs that securely hold stemmed wine glasses or beer bottle, soda can, or water bottle and 1 cut out with 1" nylon strap that securely holds your wine bottle in place, nylon strap can double as a carrying strap.  Stands approx. 18-20" high, the stake is approx. 7.5" long and is made of galvanized conduit and clamped close at the bottom for easy usage. 

The top folds over for easy carrying and storage, keep it in the trunk or keep it in your RV for those perfect times.

All tables are sprayed with a clear coat to protect the natural wood finish and enhance the overall look of the table.

This is the newest design by D&C Designs and will be in production soon, please allow 7-14 days

As of 8/1/15 any of our picnic tables can now be used on any hard surface by using our new metal stand. Our stands are sold separately and are made out of 1" metal tubing with a eye bolt to secure the table.  Now you can use your wine table on any surface; grass, sand, concrete, decks, asphalt.  

Now you to can enjoy your D & C Round Social Wine Table anywhere - parks, beach, RV parks, neighborhood gatherings, decks, and pool side - endless possibilities.

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