Buying a New Mattress

Choosing a new mattress can be tricky. The right bed can change your life—and the wrong one could be disastrous. Here at TheTrendyBed we’ve got tips on how to choose the best mattress for you.

Though mattresses used to be a fairly pricey purchase, we now see top mattresses with prices as low as $315. So, you can certainly find a great mattress at pocket-friendly prices.

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Choosing a Mattress Based On Your Unique Needs

The best bedding for any sleeper depends largely upon your sleeping habits.

If you’re an early riser who needs a firm foundation, then memory foam might work better for you than latex.

Latex has been known to sink under heavy sleepers while memory foam tends to stay put. On the other hand, if you prefer to get up late and don’t mind sinking down into softness, then a softer material like gel will probably suit you just fine.

Foam Mattresses

ThThe first thing you should know about foam mattresses is that although they can be extremely comfy, they don’t offer much support. Basically, they sink easily under pressure.

Foam mattresses do feel soft when lying down, but if you toss and turn all night, it will show. And since they tend to compress over time, they lose loft and become less supportive.

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Inner Spring Mattresses

These were once considered the gold standard among bedding products, but today they’re mostly relegated to budget models. The main reason? Innerspring mattresses are expensive to manufacture because of their complex construction. But there’s another problem: Most people don’t need them anymore.

Today most beds come equipped with either a hybrid or airbed system. Both systems use coils to create a comfortable surface.

However, unlike traditional springs, these coils aren’t attached directly to each other; instead, they have layers of fabric separating them. This allows air to circulate freely between the coils without compromising comfort.

Hybrid Mattresses

When choosing a mattress, consider whether you’ll want a hybrid or airbed.

A hybrid uses both coil technology and innersprings to provide more support than a conventional spring mattress does. However, hybrids also contain fewer coils than innersprings so they won’t last quite as long.

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Air Mattresses

An airbed doesn’t require any special tools to set up. Simply fill the bladder with water and place it inside the boxspring frame. Then flip the cover back onto the boxspring and voila! You’ve created a comfortable, portable bed.

But what makes this type of mattress different from others is its ability to conform to your body shape.

Unlike regular mattresses which are designed to fit flat surfaces, airbeds allow users to adjust the amount of space around their bodies.

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